Terms and Conditions


  1. The copyright declaration form shall be submitted through e-mail;
  2. The NSLRJ shall use softwares for the purpose of determining the originality/plagiarism free;
  3. Full editorial work shall be executed only once the declaration form is received by the Editorial Board;
  4. No edited copy shall be given back to writer/author, if the recommendation is for no change or minor change;
  5. Editor-in-chief shall have a final authority to accept or reject any article, in order to keep and uphold the objective and spirit of the journal;
  6. The name of the author(s) should not be mentioned anywhere in the submissions.


  1. Submission of manuscript does not mean the automatic acceptability for publication;
  2. The manuscript shall be rejected if contributors will not follow the formatting guidelines;
  3. The contribution shall be accessible worldwide through journal website;
  4. The manuscript shall be published in electronic form only and no photocopy shall be available;
  5. The manuscript shall be rejected for publication, if the scan copies of the copyright agreement form, not submitted within the stipulated time;
  6. The Editor-in-Chief shall have the final authority to accept or reject any manuscript, in order to keep and uphold the sanctity and maintain standard of the journal.


  1. The journal reserves the absolute rights to cancel, amend or postpone the publication of research papers.
  2. All the disputes with the NSLRJ website regarding the privacy issue, copyright issue, trademarks, malpractice and any other things are subjected to the Himachal Pradesh High Court, Shimla.

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