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National Social and Legal Research Journal

NSLRJ aims to provide a platform where the students, scholars, professionals and others can contribute their parts in the social and legal field.

The journal  mainly focus on topics such as legal issues- views, developments and changes needed, contemporary issues, current trends in law and society, human rights and related issues, legislative developments, minority rights, environment concerns, practical law and any other topics in arena of law and society.

NSLRJ is a collective idea of optimistic and enthusiastic students and qualified and visionary scholars and professionals whose objective is to provide an open platform where there can be a cross current of works in legal and social areas.

It also serves peoples from other field of society and education to know the recent development and changes in law and society and their importance. It helps in broadening the scope and knowledge of legal & social issues in other areas.

NSLRJ aims to publish the unique and qualitative works in the legal and social areas



National Social and Legal Research Journal aims to provide a platform for the academicians, professionals and scholars to publish their unique works like Research Papers, Articles, Essays, Case Commentaries and Case Comment.



National Social and Legal Research Journal provide a open platform to the bloggers to express and showcase their viewpoints into legal and social issues.



National Social and Legal Research Journal aim is to enhance the skills among the young law students for which it provides opportunities like working as Student Editors, Content Writers and Researchers. 

NSLRJ, as an independent and unbiased organisation, consists of very enthusiastic, optimistic and progressive students as well as experienced, visionary and qualified legal fraternities whose objective is to facilitate the legal and social field by platform for the students, scholars and professionals to express themselves, to contribute their works and ideas and also to learn and broaden their knowledge and skills for the betterment of society.

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